How to connect usb Bluetooth to Sony Blu-ray home theatre

Dec 31, 2018
I have Sony BDV-e880 home theatre. And how can I connect Bluetooth to Blu-ray player. I bought new Bluetooth. But I can't connect. It's showing connected in mbl.but sound is not coming from speaker.
Dec 31, 2018

Dec 31, 2018
Im bought usb wirelss BluetoothI'm trying to connect wireless usb Bluetooth my BDV E880 home theatre. I want to listen music thru mbl to home theatre. Its showing connected in mbl but sound is not coming from speaker.
Unless your home theater has specifically been designed to accept USB Bluetooth adapters, this won't work. According to the manual, that USB port is for playback from USB flash drive or iPod.

However, your Sony has standard RCA Audio In, and Optical Audio In, where you can connect a Bluetooth Receiver, paired with your phone.

You can also check the manual how to connect your Sony to your home network, and stream media to it.
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