how to copy a whole website?? and make modifications??


Apr 20, 2013
Hello I've got an authorization from a website owner whom we have co-operated for some time and she allows me to translate her whole website into another language, and make some modification about the payment part.

My question is
1. In addition to her verbal promise in the telephone, do I need any more formal document or email to ensure it's legally binding??

2. Technologically, how to copy her whole site easily and make only changes to the language?

3. Her site has a credit card system for the customer to place an order and pay directly. I don't need such a system, but I need to refer to another page that contains another kind of payment. Any advice in order not to mess up the code or the whole thing?

4. Do I need very sophisticated webpage skills in order to do the above job? Is it difficult for me who has only little HTML experience? Any individual or services online that can help me do that? I can pay . No problem

Thank you for all advice.!


1)Did you tape the conversation? A signed contact is lot better
2)Depend, what kind of language is the site build on? if you don't know why are you doing this?
3)Hire somebody who know about this "another kind of payment", it not something you want to mess up with
4)Again all depend, sound like you don't know anything about the current system


Apr 20, 2013


1. ) No conversation was taped, any suggestion on how to make a simple and valid contract? Can I let them sign with something like Ms Paint and send them back the jpg/pdf to me? Is it valid?? Any advice? Thanks!!

2. ) I don't understand your question? I'd like to know how to copy off the whole site and make change to only the language. I am co-operating with her, I am NOT hired by her to copy her whole site and change the language. You will know more after reading (3) below

3. ) No, I already have the code provided by "another kind of payment" (which is a worldwide service widely used and accepted). However, her original site redirects to credit card payment system. we have agreed the new page to be redirected to my payment system. It's also the reason that explain why we are co-operating. I am not a technician, I am a businessman..
Any suggestion/advice then?
1. If you have the agreement - why not the other person gives you the original source files?
As for whether a contract is valid or not - it depends on where you are based, and whether this contract will hold water in the court of the original owner.

2. If the site uses any server processing (ASP, PHP etc) you won't be able to reuse it without significant additional development.
Just to give you an idea why this is not possible: Go to, and ask it to do simple calculation. You can download the page with results as many times as you want - you won't get the code which does the calculation, just the result.
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