How to find or change your wireless security key


You have to log into the router, so you either have to know the key to connect wirelessly, or you have to connect through a network cable. Once you connect, you have to know what the password is for the admin console of the router. both the key, and the admin password should be known by the owner of the router.


Feb 8, 2009
Unlocking your wireless is about the dumbest thing you can do in terms of security. With no key, anyone is welcome to connect to your WiFi and use your internet, snoop your network, monitor traffic, etc.


Jul 14, 2006
Connect to your router via your browser, by inputting something called a Gateway IP Address.

To find your Gateway IP Address and connect to it in Windows if the IP address is not printed on the bottom of the router.

Click Start > Run > type 'cmd' > Click 'Enter'
Once the Command Prompt window opens, type 'ipconfig /all' and hit 'Enter'
Locate the line labeled 'Gateway' and make note of the number that follows. It will look similar to ''
Open Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser)
Enter the Gateway IP Address into the address bar and click 'Enter'

You should the get a password box open up. The default name and password is often printed on the bottom of the router, but if it isn't then you will have to look up your router on the internet or try the following default passwords.

name: admin
password: admin


name: admin
password: password

Note the name and password is case sensitive. If you cannot log on with the default password you may have to reset the router which may remove your ISP login information. Once logged into the router you can select the security section or wireless section to find and change the wireless password.