Question How to fix stop code

Jan 6, 2021
my name is Eddie I was working on my computer and suddenly my laptop screen become blue and a error message appear that thread stuck in device driver.
if anybody know to fix it.
Apr 6, 2021
Hi Eddie,

From your error, it seems to be a problem associated with your device drivers. "Thread stuck in device driver" error generally occurs when a driver file get stuck in an endless loop.

Could you be specific what were you trying to accomplish at the time you received this error? Did you updated any drivers or installed a new software?

Generally, you may be able to temporarily get rid of this issue by starting your Windows in the Safe Mode. Unlike in normal mode, safe mode will not boot any third-party applications and device drivers for troubleshooting purpose.

Please try restarting your computer in the safe mode. The actual instructions may vary depending on your brand (such as, Dell, Lenovo, etc) and the device series.

If you're able to run your computer normally into safe mode, you may want to open Device Manager using the Search box on your Taskbar and look for any device with a yellow color exclamation mark. If you couldn't find any such device, be sure to unhide hidden devices from the View menu. Once you find out the problematic driver, right-click it and open the Properties option > Driver tab > Roll back. If this option is disabled, uninstall the driver and then restart your computer for the changes to take effects.

I hope that helps.