Question How to give a 2000s stereo a wireless update.

May 9, 2022
Alright folks, this question has been a mind bender for me for awhile. I have an external hard drive with a usb output. The speakers of stereo I am trying to attach to have speakers wire terminals. Is there something out there, besides a new stereo, that can attach the hard drive to select and play audio AND is there something to turn those speakers wireless? Adapters galore!!! Oh yeah one more thing, no laptop use either.
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No there is no way to use the drive with the setup unless you get something that can read the disk and then output the audio to the system, like a laptop/computer/tablet/android box/dedicated music streamer. Unless you are using powered speakers you won't be able to make them wireless. Sounds like the best thing for you is to dump that stereo, get a set of powered speakers with bluetooth and setup a music player dedicated tablet to play to them. However the speakers will still be wired together but since you don't need to have them connected to a stereo they can be placed anywhere. Something like these
May 9, 2022
Thank you for the advise. I decided to go a little different of a route and wired the speakers. I now have a Bluetooth fm transmitter and the stereo set to that station connected through my phone.

I just realized another way to connect them as well. I have a travel router with a usb input and it actually works!!! All that confusion just to get wireless speakers 🤣🤣
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