How to install windows8 in 32bit


Dec 2, 2014
Depending on which way windows is being installed(CD or USB drive) is how you would want to setup the BIOS. First turn off the computer completely, then turn it on wait until the boot screen comes up and press one of the "F" keys as they show up normally on the bottom. This will bring you into the BIOS setup(also called UEFI firmware). Modify the boot order so the either the USB drive or disk drive is first(depending on how you are installing it). Have the hard drive you are installing Windows on second, then SAVE THESE SETTINGS. Exit the BIOS setup and an installation screen should come up. If you are upgrading windows from a previous version select upgrade. If you are doing a first time install select advanced. If selecting advanced select the drive you would like Windows to be installed onto (may need to advocate space on HDD) and click continue. Windows should begin installing and may restart multiple times during the process. When installation is complete you may be prompted to enter a software key(should of came with the OS). Enjoy your new software!