How to make my computer like the day i bought it


Feb 1, 2013
It is a toshiba.. Kids have downloaded junk and now it runs slow and I dont know how to remove some of the down loads so I want to set it back to new and start over


Oct 27, 2012
Not to be too funny with you, but do you have the manuals that came in the box with the laptop? and you should of also got some recovery Dvd`s or Cd`s to do the job.
You know it helps if you read the manual you know, its all there if your just not too lazy to read them. I suggest you do. Quicker than asking on the forum.


Sep 10, 2011
If you don't have or cann't find your recovery disk contact Toshiba and order them. When you get them put them in the dvd drive an fallow the instructions.


Jun 11, 2011
There is a good chance that there is a recovery option available in the bios on boot up. HP's have the option to do a factory reset from recovery options in the bios. I imagine Toshiba is similar.
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