How to make sure 100% PC wasnt infected by a pop up website?


Nov 10, 2017
I typed in this to google this : g402 vs g403 sensor

I clicked on the second website without thinking and it gave me multiple pop ups and wuldnt lewt me leave without closing chrome. The same search now yields a different website as the second result and the other has completely disappeared.

I need my PC to be 100%, how likely is it that this website gave me a virus? The only protection I had was windows defender ( I have much more now).

I have scanned with Malware bytes and another and they don't pick anything up, from deep scan.

Is re installing windows the only way to be sure?

Math Geek

Oct 15, 2014
a fresh install is the only way to be 100% sure though it is not always needed. if malware bytes and an antivirus program does not pick anything up, then you are likely ok.

you can skim your program files folder for anything new you did not put on there. despite all the urban legends it is just about impossible to get a virus simply by loading a site. especially with all the java stuff mostly gone. they were about the only way to do it on it's own. you normally have to install something or authorize something like an add-on or similar. i have NEVER in my days ever seen a virus that installs itself simply by visiting a site and not clicking anything. there is always some user input needed. people swear it happened to them but i have never been able to do it to my own pc visiting the same sites and i've been trying for 20+ years!!


Distinguished will do a pretty detailed scan, showing you anything added within last 24 hours, browser redirects, processes, etc...

Although many processes are whitelisted, be sure of what you click on for deletion....

Any mysterious processes on task manager?

MBAM is a good start, as well as AdwCleaner; i'd run a free Hitman Pro scan as well....