Question How to use noise reduction program with real-time voice changer program.

May 7, 2019
I have blue snow ball mic and it pick up background noise and air condition sound.
I try to use OBS to reduce noise sound and it work perfectly but it can't use with Morphvox pro.
My purpose is I want to use noise reduction program or something that can reduce the background noise and then use real-time voice changer program to process the sound (Morphvox pro). found this program but I don't know if it can do this task or not and I don't know how if it can.
Aug 4, 2019
Hey ! You can use Voicemod that make a new microphone from your microphone. It give your the access to modify your voice (voice changer) and reduce noise. If you need more information, just say it :)

PS : There is 2 versions of Voicemod. One is free and the other paid. I have the paid one so Idk if you can reduce the noise ! But you can see by yurself.

Visual Representation.

Voicemod Download Link
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