How to use vgm toolbox and utf_tab suite to view .usm files?


Nov 27, 2012

Kindly I ask your attention.

Do you want the program alway open the files or just when you have the software in use?


Right click the .usm file, click Properties, at 'Open with' click Change. Now go to Program Files/- or Program Files (x86)/(installation folder name)/look for .EXE with names like: Launger, vgm. or whatever (could be that you will not find any .EXE, but a bin32 or simular. In that folder you will find the .EXE you need.)


Right click the file and go to 'Open with' when it's availlable in the list, choose here Standard Programselection, next window (check the box below, when it's checked, it will always open it with the program and when not checked, it will only open it once with the program.) brows till you found the program you need and Confirm.

How to find the installation folder of the program:

Go to Start/Programs/shortcut ? or folder name/shortcut ? or folder name/shortcut. Right click on the shortcut, click Propertions, at Path you see where the software has being installed.
When you like, open Notepath and type it there. No need to redo this procedure when needed.

Couldn't find it.

Do you see all thoose tabs after Summary?
They're all about the software, so...............

What else do you want to do with the program, convertions?

When you can't/don't want to use all those advanced options, just let them be and use Convert or View. After that you can always see what you want and want it to be. Open settings and choose Standard or Recommended and leave all thoose extra options with settings for whatever alone. That will be a good start, no need to change speed or whatever, only like To .AVI or whatever, Screensize??????/keep the standard ratio, Output file, Where to save, How to act/open within the program, that kind of stuf. But leave the advance options alone till you know what your doing.
And when you want to mess around with a file, just copy one onto your desktop and use that one to try whatever you like.

Well, when I'm not misstaken. You could get Help information at the Menu bar of the program, see at Extra/Help/Over or whatever on the right site of the Menu bar. Then look by topic!


Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers you seek! :)

Good luck & have fun doing it! :)

Best Regards,

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