Question HP 14-ck0065st Laptop blue screen

Jan 2, 2021
I was getting blue screen on 1Tb HDD and was advised to switch over to SSD because the drive could crash anytime. So I purchased Samsung 500GB EVO SSD and installed a clean installation and then started copying my passwords and bookmarks and so forth.

It was working fine for about a couple of hours and then I got that same blue screen again. I was trying to install the RTL8811/RTL8812 driver from the Realtek website and after that it just froze and had to force shut it down by using power button. The driver was for the high speed wireless usb adapter. This laptop does not have a cd drive and the wireless adapter only came with a cd.

Since this is a clean install what could be causing this blue screen issues with clean Windows 10 installation? Still did not even get a chance really to browse the internet. I upgraded from 8GB to 16GB RAM and that was recognized immediately. Though might as well do it since I opened the laptop. What used to take about a minute to boot up the laptop now it was only taking 10 seconds. Is it possible that the wireless adapter is causing the issue all along and it was not even the HDD?

I do have the laptop connected to another LG 27" monitor screen too. That is working well, once it identified it and did not require a driver even though the monitor had a cd too. These settings were used before (wireless usb adapter and 27" monitor).

Not sure if this is going to happen again or not. Just wanted to prepare myself for next week so I would not have an issue come Monday for work. Thanks.
Jan 2, 2021
ok got another blue screen but this time I took an image of it and it was right after trying to use the high speed usb wireless adapter.

thought this image would help, for some reason could not upload the image so provided a link to it.

What failed: rtwlanu.sys
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