HP DV6 Laptop turning off seconds after turning it on, gives "90D Overheating" text.


Sep 26, 2016
So, if I try turning on my laptop, it shuts down after seconds and gives one beep. If I turn it on, firstly it gives a "90D Overheating" problem message, then a "601 Battery problem" or something (i always use it plugged in).
I tried swapping ram, using it without battery, without AC, tried using only one dimm of ram, removed covering plastic from motherboard (which fixed another case, according to someone in this site), and changed the thermal paste. Still turns off immediatly.
The fan is super clean and is working (spins and blows out air, at the startup cold air... after a while warm air)
How can I fix this? I really need this laptop, and in my country there is no HP support, and "pc specialists" here are either complete noobs or charge you the equivalent of 50 dollars just to clear the hard disk.