HP dv9000 custom not working blank screen


Jun 5, 2003
I am back again asking for help. I have a custom HP dv9000 laptop. Well, now i have

a blank screen!
Symptoms (not often): would shut down, graphics would go haywired (lines across)
fan very noisy, but thats always done it on and off.
Now, the other day it booted up and I was on it, I left for something, came back and I

couldnt get it to come back up (blank screen). So I shut it, then waited, and booted

it back up. Well, it booted up, but no screen. Hubby put external monitor on it, and

could only get it up in safe mode with that. So,we figure its either the screen or the

graphics card. I have read thru some of the info on your forums, but I would like to

know how you tell whats wrong with it. I don't mind replacing stuff, as we have

already had to fix the hinges on the darn thing, but we would like to know what to

replace. I bought it right before vista came out, so now it has that lousy OS on it.

Intel dual core, GeForce 7600 graphics card. I just added a new battery (12 cell)

(After not having one working since almost 6mths of buying the laptop) and a 2nd HD to

it, and we dont really think doing that did this. We also added 4 gig ram but never

could get all 4 to show up.
So, whats wrong with it this time?
how do you tell if its the graphics card or the lcd or something else?
thanks, suzy


Mar 7, 2010
I have custom HP dv9000 11/2007 I get hinge it from HP after warranty expired. Now I have the Blank screen(black), WINXP can't boot up. I tried many things.Today I tried : Put winxp sp2, not Recovery disc from HP. and press enter key or f11 or f8 or fn f4, it still doesn't work .sometime it worked. I did power off. Press DVD button or Quickplay button tried to bring up any screen, it work now I used to find out the real solution foe next time. I found out that It has a lawsuit going on with HP with DV9000 series
also there are a link for fixing it up
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