HP ENVY Underperformed (Overheating/Throttling?)


Oct 20, 2014
I bought this new HP Envy 15 as a business/occasional gaming laptop to replace my 3-yo Lenovo with 740M. However it's so disappoint that even with the suppose-to-be better specifications, the performance couldn't be worst even just for watching Youtube. At first I thought it was normal as I was trying not to overestimate my RIG, however there were so many times that I think it too sucks and I had to do something. The FPS is low in almost every game (old games) and changing setting to "lowest" never be helpful as it should! And even for basic tasks like Youtubing or office I sometimes experience lags like the laptop was going to explode.

Here's my RIG, RAM is upgraded to 12GB, and hdd is replaced by one of my best SSD (OCZ Vector 180 256GB)


The problem now is that I can't play almost games even they are older than 2-3 years like Mafia 2 and League of Legend, for LOL, HP ENVY can't even keep up to 50 FPS even in low setting@1366x768 resolution, while the old LENOVO can do 60 FPS at mid-high setting.

So I think that it's not normal, there must be something wrong about it, so I thought HP probably gave me the faulty one or I might be overestimating? But yesterday I tried Overwatch and I was able to catch up something, the spec is not that bad and actually able to run these games, it was smoothly running Overwatch at 60FPS (low setting) for 3 mins until FPS dropped to single digit. I tried several times and every time FPS drops in OW it's the same time the FAN started working!

However I don't think it's that Hot, I checked with HWmornitor and the GPU temp ranged around 50-60 while the CPU ranged from 72-80 Celsius.

I think I've been suffering with the Overheating/Throttling issue without knowing it? Because if I compare the spec this one should at least able to smoothly run League of Legend at low setting? (As the old one with inferior spec did better job)

Any suggestion? I'm now lifted it up to high surface, air-coned the room. It's few-month old and the issue happened since 1st week so it might not be the dust? What else can I do?