HP Nextbook 10.1... Possible USB capabilities.


Nov 25, 2009
I just bought this Nextbook 10.1 from Walmart for $179.00... For a low in machine it is pretty impressive. I am a tech geek of sorts and I like to push things to the limit. Since it does not have a USB port to speak of I am going to do an experiment... I am not sure but I assume the keyboard is a USB interface. The question is what the connector configuration is. I'm sure I can figure it out but if anyone has tried this I surely would appreciate the input.

I know someone is going to bring up voiding the warrantee. Honestly... an after market connector I think would be helpful to a lot of people. So I think it is worth a shot.

Any thoughts or comments are helpful.


Dec 22, 2014
Hi - I bought an USB on the go (OTG) hub with 3 usb ports plus SD/MicroSD card slots. You can connect keyboard and mouse. I have also connected an external 2.5 inch 1 TB disk with no problems. I also have a USB DVD writer I will try. Probably be heavy on battery