HP Omen massive performance issues. (geforce 960m)


May 24, 2013
Hi! I recently purchased a HP Omen, I have been trying to play League Of Legends with it, and about half the time I have no problems at all. The other half, I have massive fps drops rendering the game unplayable. It sits typically at 200-300fps, and then other times it sits at 30 and drops to 5-10 when things get intense. It seems fairly random. I have changed battery settings to maximum performance, uninstalled my nvidia drivers and reinstalled (updated fully). It doesnt seem to matter whether I am playing with High quality settings or very low. I am definitely opening the program with my nvidia gpu and not the intel hd. It seems that the first 2 games or so after turning on my computer are fine and then it goes bad. I dont think temperature is an issue (gpu, mobo and cpu running at 50 degrees max). I tried disabling my intel hd graphics in order to only run on my 960m and the game dropped to a permanent 5fps.

Furthermore the laptop has huge battery life issues; lasting only 2 hours or so fully charged. (while playing games). For this reason I typically leave the charger in for the most part. It also wasnt like this when I first bought it, its only been the last few days.
Had the same problem. I rolled back the drivers and everything went back too normal.

If your still having issues use the battery as an excuse too RMA it.