Question HP Omen X 17 Laptop - DON'T BUY IT

Apr 10, 2020

I'm an very sad to say that I do not recommend the HP Omen X line for laptops, because they have plenty of issues that if you do a little Google search with the words "laptop omen x 17 keyboard issue" it will show you a lot of customers with the same problem.

Unfortunately many users are facing a hard time with their keyboard that after a few months or one year, some of the keyboard keys just stop from working.

Because this keyboard uses a different project, they sell it that you will have one of the best mechanical keyboards in a laptop, that's true about the sensation when you have to use it in a daily basis, it's precise, fast, but it's not reliable.

And I can confirm this because my HP Omen X 17 Laptop keyboard, after one year of use, the keys "A"and "D" just stopped working. So I contacted HP Support and talked about the issue. They said to do a lot tests, like, trying to restart the operational system, try to use with different applications, but none worked unfortunately.

So, they told me that I had pay an amount of US$400.00 for them to replace, because my warranty have expired. That's perfect if I haven't read from another customer, that he had paid for them to replace the keyboard and after a fews months, the same issue came back, but now in the new keyboard.

I said that I'm not going to pay for another replacement keyboard, so I have made what a lot of people would not do, change the keys all by myself, by unsoldering the keys P5 and P6, specialty keys used for games, that I never used anyway. So, I used the hardware switches from these keys to swap with the "A" and "D" keys. A little bit of soldering, but have to unmount the whole laptop to reach the keyboard ( ). After that everything was good, but after just almost one year ahead, the same issue came back, but now with the key "S".

And a new thing happened too, my battery started to swelled to point that started to open the back part of the laptop ( ). All of these issues you can find in HP Forums that happened with lot of users.

I know these issues may happen with all brands, but my big complain here is that HP said that they can't do anything to help me. I had and old ACER laptop, a mid-version, close to US$400, (10 years ago I bought it) that was working until I bought this "new HP Laptop". So comparing prices 400 bucks and the new HP Omen X 17 Laptop, that costs more than US$1,800 and they don't have any kind of customer support or warranty regarding these issues, so that's why I not recommending the brand OMEN-X for laptops.

Oh, but to be fair, if you guys need a printer or an All in One Solution (printer, scanner, copier), you can get a HP printer for sure, their customer support is excellent and they always resolved all the issues that I have regarding printing cartridges or the printer itself, that they usually replace the whole equipment for a new one.

If any OTHER REAL BRAND for GAMING LAPTOP would like to reach me and help me solve this issue, I would be glad.
Apr 10, 2020
After a few months, I just had to open up my laptop, undersold the defective button (key S) and replaced with the P4 key. So now I have only more 3 buttons that I'll be able to replace by myself without the need to buy new replacement parts. So again, run away from this laptop guys! Cheers!
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