HP Pavilion dv2000 screen issue


Apr 26, 2017
I have HP Pavilion 2000 and have screen issue.It remains black(dark), but I can still see the icons in the back.Also, if i connect an external monitor i can get the screen on it and use it as a desktop computer, but i like my screen back. If anyone knows the issue please let me know. TY


Jun 22, 2014
Below is a link to a picture of the lid switch, is located under the speaker cover you should see it popping out the case above the speaker grills, you could try pressing it a few times to get it working.

To rule this out though, remove the speaker cover and unplug the lid switch from the mainboard, if its still the same, you know its not that.

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/401167909530

It could also be a fault with the inverter that these old lcd screens require to power the back light.

If you remove the screen bezel the inverter is the long board below the screen. Its got 2 cables going into it either side. Being carful not to touch the part covered by plastic cover, removed and reinsert both cables and see if it works

Other things to try and reseating the cable at the back of the screen. And remove the speaker cover and reseat the long screen cable to the mainboard.

After reseating these and its still the same id start with replacing the inverter.

Good luck


Dec 19, 2013
most current screens require a backlight to make the images visible.
some have a switch controlled by the opening/closing of the lid(screen).
sometimes the switch is in the lid latch between the mouse pad and you,
while other switches are in the hinge assembly.

if wiggling the screen and checking the lid latch ports yields no results,
you may simply have a bad backlight and will have to open the screen
assembly to replace it or take it to a shop to have it replaced.

you might check amazon et al to check price/availability.
good luck, cheers

almost forgot, double check the lid close/screen off options in

control panel>power options



Apr 26, 2017
Question from nikuc279 : "HP Pavilion dv2000 screen issue"

Thank you Mauxie for the respond. I understand what you explained to me and I am great full about it, but I dont realy understand what is the name of the Switch, so I can order it online?
When I replace it, do I have to deassemble and the screen as well?
I know you sad the position of it should be in the hinge,right?
If I change the hinge, is a switch gonna be in the new hinge included?
Thank you

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