HP Pavilion DV6 6177se laptop does not boot


Nov 11, 2014

I own an HP 6177se laptop for almost 4 years and it is not under warranty anymore (3 years warranty). My issue is that I had some BSOD for the last couple of months that were related to my GPU and I will attach all the files needed in this thread.

my hp laptop uses two graphic card (switchable), intel and radeon 6770m 2gb and so I set my bios to fixed and only use radeon because I play games on it. I used the UnifL driver from leshcatlabs as multiple games asked me to update my GPU driver which was not possible with the drivers from ati and hp website had latest driver dated 2011.

everything worked fine with this laptop until 3 days ago while playing WOT my screen went black and laptop was not responding at all. Did force shutdown and then restart to notice booting gets stuck at windows booting logo (using windows 7 64bit HP) and I sometimes get the animation of windows freezing or a black screen.

First thing I did was a safe mode boot which didn't work as it stuck at loading classpnp.sys everytime. Tried windows recovery and it failed to repair. Used Hiren's boot from usb to use the live windows xp and it showed blue screen as well.


I tried to run ubuntu live cd and it froze as well.


However I was able to run a windows 7 live modified version of wondershare included in hiren's boot and did some diagnostic which would be attached (3DP chip screen shot and PCI32 file)
I did replace some system32 files like classpnp.sys, and the ati drivers which showed in the minidump file with no success.


Finally I opened the laptop to inspect for any visual damage or loose cables and couldn't find anything. Did clean all the dust and applied new thermal compound and put everything together and still same results.

I tried to remove the cd drive, wifi module, switched rams just to know if I have a defective hardware and couldn't boot as well. booted live CD with no HDD same thing.

Fortunately I had another same laptop model from my brother so I switched the HDD from my broken laptop to the other one and it worked fine so the problem is not from my HDD but mostly I suspect my gpu or something in the board which would require me to replace the whole board.

These are links for the photo album for the laptop and link for pci32 and minidump.




I would be grateful for any info to check the hardware as I am not sure what to do now. Board cost around $100 online so that would be my last solution as gpu is integrated for this laptop.

Thank you very much

forgot to link my laptop specification from hp site