HP Pavilion DV7 BSOD


Dec 29, 2012
Ok, I currently have a friend who has an HP Pavillion Dv7, He installed the PC Optimizer Pro anti-virus. Which I have read is actually a virus in itself. The thing is, When he boots his computer at start-up check it gives a Fan(90b) error, and asks if I want to continue and press enter. Then laptop boots up, gets to windows does the stupid Pc Optimizer pro thing, stays on for a little while then shuts off. My question is, before I run his computer to much trying to remove PC Optimizer Pro, "He also says it happened right after he installed it." But, is my fans really working ? I don't normally use laptops, I can feel heat coming from the bottom, but I can't tell if a fan is running or not its really quiet... I'm a PC to the max person, so figured I would bring this to the experts. Is the fans indeed out, or is this just an error caused by the PC Optimizer Pro ?