HTPC analog audio question


Jul 8, 2010
Here is my setup:

Yamaha RX-V3900 AV Receiver
HTPC with ASUS M4A78-E mobo and HIS/ATI Radeon 4670 vid card with HDMI (HDMI used for video and audio to HTPC)

The rest of the components are a moot point. Here is the issue:

I am trying to set up a second audio zone outside my house on the back deck with two speakers. The receiver is capable of multiple zones. In order to connect my components to the receiver I MUST use analog connections and cannot use digital connections for any zone other than the main zone. The main zone can stay digital which is what I prefer. I have connected the DVD player via analog just for audio purposes and it works fine in the second zone, as does the DVR (so I can listen to sports games while on the deck, etc....). The problem is the HTPC.

When watching a blu-ray, the HTPC pushes the sound and video through the HDMI connection from the video card to the receiver. This works very well. I now want to be able to push an analog signal from my mobo to the receiver simultaneously to the digital HDMI signal so I can use my HTPC as a media server and play music through the receiver to the second zone I am running. Is this possible?

I have tried using a jack from the green speaker jack in the rear of the HTPC to the receiver but I think that is pushing a digital signal and thus it is not working. Is there any way to change the mobo's output from that jack to an analog signal? If there is a PCI expansion card that I should by then I will consider that too. Suggestions? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


the green jack is only analog
double click the speaker icon on your desktop and check all the audio settings. There should be a way to turn on the green jack for an audio output.
However, problems with the audio outputs on Asus boards are widely reported.
What happens when you connect a pair of PC powered speakers to the green jack, any sound?


Dec 21, 2012
I am having a similar problem with my yamaha rx-v371. I would think the AVR would convert to analog before it goes to audio out jacks, but maybe we need a DAC between the PC and the AVR.
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