Huawei Fit Review: Budget Smartwatch Meets Fitness Tracker

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Jan 3, 2017
I use it for a while. I'm disappointed. Step count is accurate when I go. But if you do something else and step a little it measure a lot of steps. It is easy to start false workout accidental. But you can't erase these in Huawei Wear app. So I have a lot of false workout. The HR measure is the worst. Somtimes the watch display me that I have to wear it more loosely. But I wear it this way. When I ride bike and polar chest sensor shows me about 130 hr the watch shows 190.
When I bought it I thouht there is continous HR. But there isn't. So in this situation long battery live is not a big miracle. It last 5-6 days.
Huawei Wear is funny. But I don't have time to laugh. This app is very little from Huawei. No stylus, no order, no conccept. Only chaos. No detail about workouts and sleeping. I can't enlarge details.
Feautures whitch are working perfectly is the bluetooth notifications and waking up. Sleep measure is not bad. But I get positive notifications when I sleep 5-6 hours. But I know it was no sleeping. The watch is wery comfortable and light.
Maybe I was big expectation from this watch but before Fit I wear Basis Peak that was more perfect and style and I dont speak about app.
In the Basis Peak there was an easy feature. When I adventured in the deept of the watch menu I hit two times on the screen and I jumped to the starting screen. This feature is missing in Fit.
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