Question Huawei Laptop corners bent

Jan 24, 2023
Hi! So, my laptop when in my bag fell down and the corners now look like this. It doesn't close fully and when the screen is black there is a white glow in that corner since the screen came off from the corner. Is there anyway to fix this? Or if I take it to be fixed, any idea how much it will cost? Am scared that if pressure is applied to the top of the laptop, the screen might break... Please let me know!! Thanks in advance!

I can't find where to insert photos, but here's the link for the photos!
The only way to really fix that is to replace the shell. Yes you are correct there is a chance the screen will break if you try to just bend it back. It may be possible to remove the screen, bend it with a plier set covered with rubber or something soft and install the screen again, without replacing it.