I’m excited for the Snapdragon X Elite — 3 reasons why it could be a MacBook beater


Nov 3, 2017
"Snapdragon X Elite features 4 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores and 4 NPU cores — totalling 12 high-performance cores."

LOL... You have to love it when someone's job is a "computing writer" and can't even regurgitate provided specs. The X elite has 12 CPU performance cores. The number of GPU and NPU cores are unspecified.

"You see, according to the company, the X Elite has 50% faster peak multi-threaded performance than the powerful Apple M2 chip. That, my friends, is one heck of a boast"

Not really much of a boast. The M2 is a lower power chip. It has 8 CPU cores (4 performance, 4 efficiency). The X elite has 12 CPU cores, all performance cores. If you look at Qualcomm's own graphs, the CPU is also consuming 2x the power. The fact that it's only 50% faster with more CPU cores and 2x the power draw is actually pretty embarrassing for the Snapdragon chip.

Of course, none of this really matters as the X elite won't be competing with the M2 series. It's being released in mid-2024. Apple is releasing the M3 series on Monday and by fall of 2024 it will be competing against Apple's M4 series. If Apple were to demo their M4 chips now, I'm sure we'd all be impressed also.

Anyway, to be clear, the Snapdragon X elite is a higher powered chip than Apple's base M series chip. It's targeting more like the M pro level chip from a CPU perspective, but will have far less GPU power than even an M2 Pro. Likewise, it's not a direct "Apples to Apples" comparison.