Solved! I accidentally removed 'Hacktool: Win32/AutoKMS' after it got detected as a threat by the Windows Defender; what should be done?

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Jul 25, 2019
hey guys
i recently upgraded my OS from windows 8.1 to 10.
i bought a ssd and the computer store guy installed Windows 10 and cracked it with KMSpico.
however, when i ran a scan with windows security, it detected KMSpico elements as threats. Among them, AutoKMS was posing as a severe threat, so i removed it.
soon after I came to now that KMSpico is harmless and necessary to keep the OS activated. As soon as I understood this, i allowed all other 'kmspico threats' in Windows Security but i guess the AutoKMS is.
in this new system, i don't have any system restore point to go back to post-removal state.
however, my windows 10 is still activated (i removed the element today a few hours ago).
please advise.
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