I can hear myself through my headset mic and I can't get it to stop, its been weeks


May 4, 2015
I have a HyperX Revolver S headset and I am using a Windows 10 PC, I had this headset for years and never had issues with it until a month ago. I used discord a month ago for the first time with this headset and I started to hear myself, I couldn't fix the issue so I used a different headset. Ever since I used discord with this headset the mic is now always active, even if its not the default recording device I can hear myself. I used it playing Fallout 76, GTA 5, Skype and never had issues. I've plugged this headset into my brothers laptop and desktop computer, same issue. I can mute the mic and remove it but if I want to use it to talk to people I hear myself. Even when I start my computer I can hear myself right away.

This headset plugs into a volume controller that connects via USB. I got a 3.5 female to stereo dual male speaker and microphone cable and I was able to hear sound but the microphone doesn't work. The other odd thing is when I set my headset to the default device while is connected through the splitter I get no sound at all. I have to make my speakers the default device, then my headset will work. When its connected through the usb cable the mic works but I hear myself. I really can't think of anything to fix this issue and I haven't been able to use this headset for about a month. I've used my brothers headset and it works fine, my Corsair void headset works fine, my phones headphones that has a mic works fine, its literally just my HyperX headset that is giving me a problem.