I cannot boot my Toshiba laptop at all


May 10, 2014
my laptop is Toshiba L755-16H, windows 8.1 update
All what I get now is a a first screen of “Toshiba Leaading Innovation” and “H2O bios” then the logo of windows 8 (4 blue quartered window) then black screen with flashing cursor and keep like that.
The details as follows:
it was working normally until certain critical update from Windows update, then it refuses to start at all.
in the beginning i tried to get into recovery options> advanced options> repair start up> but no benefit.
then i tried system restore> it failed and no benefit.
then system refresh> but i have windows 8 dvd not 8.1 so it said not suitable cd
the i searched the internet to enable safe mood and entered the command in command prompt
“bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy” (no quotes) from this forum:
and I could get into safe mood and tried to do system restore but it also failed.
After that I couldn’t boot the computer at all or even get into the system BIOS setup with F2 or F8 or F12
Also I tried to enter the dvd of the Recovery or the dvd of windows 8 but the they spins for little seconds and nothing happens although I am sure the dvd rom is the first in booting sequence.
I tried to disconnect the power supply and remove the battery then press the power button for 2 minutes > but no benefit.
I tried to press 0 (zero) with the power button on starting up and keep pressing zero to go tto factory settings but no benefit.


May 10, 2014

Thanks God, and Thanks sincerely for every one tried to help me.
Nearly the problem has been RESOLVED
I think it was a matter of corrupted Master File Table (MFT) and volume bitmap and also Malware detected.

Here you are the details:
I removed the HDD from the defected laptop, and connected it to a SATA enclosure and connected it via USB cable to another working laptop.
I have performed a scan with antivirus (360 Internet security) but I didn’t leave it to finish. It has detected a Trojan in the following path ” \Program files (x86)\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack\LANG\PTB\BTAssist.chm” detected as Advanced Level Trojan Program.
I believed it may a problem of corrupted Registry or File system, so I have performed Error checking for the Windows partition (from Properties of the desired partition the Tools tab then “Check” under Error checking section, it found some errors and fixed them . then I stopped the antivirus scanning, connected the HDD and tried booting but no improvement.
I believe that that way of error checking is not very effective and the better method is via the command prompt so I opened cmd , then entered ( chkdsk driveletter: / r ) then it found many errors in the MFT and volume Bitmap (I am attaching a file containing the result). It corrected the errors.
I removed the HDD and connected it, and WOW the option to enter BIOS via F2 and boot sequence via F12 returned as a bottom line, and I could enter BIOS setup.
As I mentioned before my laptop doesn’t have UEFI as I entered the BIOS setup and didn’t find the Secure boot option.
I make the boot sequence DVD > then USB > then HDD.
I loaded Kaspersky Rescue Disk from a USB and did basic scan on just the start up items and memory it didn’t find anything.
Still windows refuse to load normally.
But I could boot successfully from live CDs like Hiren’s boot and checked the memory, it was ok.
- I burnt a new DVD of windows 8 as the one I have may be slightly scratched so the lap couldn’t from it.
- And finally I could boot from the windows 8 DVD, and tried to fix the start up> it failed.
- I tried to do system restore > failed
- I tried Refresh system > failed
- I tried Reset system > failed
So I decided to install a fresh copy of the windows.
And yes I could boot and went through installing a fresh copy of Windows 8 after FORMATTING C drive. And it went very well.
Now the windows is working very well. And I am performing another ( CHKDSK c: /r ) to make sure of the HDD.
It has finished with no errors detected and 0 KB in Bad sectors, Thanks God.
And till now everything seems very well..
Thanks again very much for every one tried to help me.
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