I do not know what to buy!


Oct 6, 2012
Im looking to buy a notebook and with all the options Im very confused. I travel a lot so it has to be light, but ultralight is not necessary.
I record and mix audio, so I need something powerful enough to do so and with a big hard drive to put all my sound banks on. Also good sound quality. (I know Mac sounds really good, and ASUS has Bang and Olufsen speakers)
For Software I can use Nuendo, which is a windows program, but i can use logic pro as well.
But mostely I want something than can last a long time, i dont want to have to change my laptop in a short period of time. And obviously that works good. Battery life is important.
Budget is not a problem.
So, i would go for a MPB, but im finding there are better options for less money. im not a great mac fun, i prefer windows than mac osx.

What would you recommend ?