Solved! I have a Toshiba C50-A0413. I set up the bios passwords from the user HDD/SSD AND SUPERVISOR. Now SUPERVISOR and other settings are greyed out

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Aug 30, 2021
I have a Toshiba C50-A0413. I set up the bios passwords from the user HDD/SSD AND SUPERVISER. My laptop had a bug so I had to reset it reinstalled windows all was well. Then all of a sudden my screen goes black and I can't change or anything even when I log in with all three off the accounts on my laptop's which include 2 administrator accounts and 1 local. I can still logon but when I click anything it's loads and I think it cancel it. Cntrl alt delete don't work either shifr cntl esc don't work. I've tried F12 F8 and get to advance settings but they are also missing the vital options to help me reset. Booted to safe mode and tried nothing seems to work. It almost seems like I've been hacked. Please assist
Aug 30, 2021
It should be totally empty I flushed the laptop when it started giving me problems and after a installed a new windows I started loosing control of of almost as if someone else is controlling it.
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