Solved! I have to physically adjust my hdmi cable for audio to work

Sep 17, 2019
I have a laptop connected with hdmi to a monitor that has speakers connected to it. If im doing something that is using audio, (eg. a game) when i stop that audio (eg. tabbing out) if i go back to playing that audio no playback happens and i have to adjust the hdmi in it's slot until the screen goes black for around 3 seconds, once the screen comes back so does audio.

Every now and then the audio will just suddenly cut out and when that happens i have to unplug my hdmi and plug it back in, making sure that audio is playing when i plug it back in otherwise i have to move it around in the slot again. I am painfully aware that this is incredibly unhealthy for my laptop but i have no alternative setup atm so i would really appreciate some help to figure this out.

I've installed the latest audio driver for my laptop and bought a new high quality hdmi cable but the problem still insists. This has been happening since i got this laptop so i don't believe it's a cause of damage.
Instead of taking out the HDMI cable check what is set as your default audio device when this happens. I have a feeling that is what is changing.