I need a second opinion, is debranded good?

Looks good for that price. However debranded products risk not having proper drivers. I personally wouldn't recommend it just because of that.


Jan 27, 2012
I don't think drivers would be any more of an issue than they are with any other laptop. It's just an HP ENVY; you'll be able to find drivers no problem.
HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook m6-k022dx refurbished go for under $450.
Given that this system does not have an operating system, the price doesn't seem quite as glamorous. Debranded No OS for 350 vs Refurb for 425.

With all that said.... have you owned and operated a touch screen laptop in the past? Touch is nice but in most situations its not really that great on a laptop, its awkward to touch the screen and multi finger commands can be better recognized on the track pad than you'd think!