I need a simple continuous backup application.


Mar 22, 2008
I need a simple application that will do a continuous backup of my data from one internal HDD to another. I typically set up my primary drive with two partitions, one for the OS and programs and the other for data, then back up my data to a second internal drive. I would like to make this process continuous, simple and reliable.

I currently have Acronis True Image, but the continuous backup suddenly stopped working shortly after one year of use. As I am past the one year mark and have not paid for an update, Acronis is willing to provide me unlimited support billed by the minute. I view that as throwing good money after bad and don't have anything good to say about a company that is unwilling to tell me how to keep their product working properly for more than a year. Needless to say, Acronis True Image, regardless of its reputation, is not in my future.

I don't need anything elaborate. Windows 7 can do the basic disk images I want and I'm not interested in version control, etc., etc., that just adds complexity to what should be a simple process, i.e., copying files from one drive to another whenever they change.

I am currently doing manual backups of my data a couple of times a day. I know I can have Windows do that for me but I'd much rather have a simple application do a continuous data backup for me. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.