I need a student/gaming laptop under 1000$ aud

Drake temen

Oct 16, 2015
Please help I want a laptop that can play will be able to play tomb raider (2013h on max graphics and (if possible) the new tomb raider on medium. Thank you!

Drake temen

Oct 16, 2015
Both laptops have me very confused because of the incredibly mixed reviews

Here's 2 of the Lenovo

Pros: None

Cons: Possibly the worst thing I have ever bought on the internet. This computer is slow, cheap, most of the features just barely work. Basic tasks seem impossible.

Other Thoughts: Don't buy it.

And now

Pros: So far, so good. I feel like I got quite a deal. Was at my house in 2 days. Lenovo is a top notch laptop. So far I'm thrilled. Was set-up and running within 20 minutes. Windows 8 takes getting used to. Loving the HDMI hook-up. All around great laptop so far.

Cons: I really have no major complaints. It can be a bit on the slow side but some of that is me not familiar with Windows 8.

Other Thoughts: I feel like I get a very fair deal for a nice laptop.


Drake temen

Oct 16, 2015
I sound this. Would this help?

1) What is your budget?
1000$ aud
2) What size notebook would you prefer?
a. Netbook; 10" screen or less
b. Ultraportable; 11" - 12" screen
c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen
d. Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen. THIS ONE
e. Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen

3) Where will you buying this notebook? You can select the flag of your country as an indicator.
4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?
a. Like: Asus
b. Dislike: none

5) Would you consider laptops that are refurbished/redistributed?
6) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?
Playing new games on medium ( witcher 3,new tomb raider, gta5 )
And school work ( film editing, word,excel, etc )
7) Will you be taking the notebook with you to different places, leaving it on your desk or both?
Bot but I wouldn't mind it to be heavy if it means better
8) Will you be playing games on your notebook? If so, please state which games or types of games?
Already stated
9) How many hours of battery life do you need?
6 hours minimum
10) Would you prefer to see the notebooks you're considering before purchasing it or buying a notebook on-line without seeing it is OK?
Don't mind
11) What OS do you prefer? Windows (Windows 7 / 8), Mac OS, Linux, etc.
Windows 7,8,10
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