I used the MSI Claw as my only gaming console for an entire week, and I'm shocked by what happened

Aug 12, 2023
This is factually wrong and needs to be edited/corrected "Currently, all gaming handhelds except for the Steam Deck use AMD hardware,"

Other then that, good write up. All Handheld suffer the same launch issue - Drivers. Intel's graphical drivers have always been lacking until they started to work on ARC and took it a bit more seriously. I expect the Claw to follow suite of the Ally in regards to software/driver maturity.

I dont know how anyone could expect these handhelds to replace a gaming laptop or current gen PS/XBOX. The hardware and power is just not there for that to really happen. The Ally/Legion is a close contender due to the Z1E and pushing one of the highest plugged in power profiles. However, you are still forced to low/medium presets for most(if not all) AAA releases to hit that 30FPS-45FPS native performance (AFMF and FSR3 aside).