Solved! i wanna know if as of recent anyone has been able to siccessfully bypass factoryreset protection on tecno w3 phones especiall

Joel Ekuri

May 9, 2017
I recently gave my phone over to hoodlums and they asked for a fee to return my phone back but havent heard from them since 2 months now. but luckily for me i had a factory reset protection on the phone before it got hijacked so i headed over to google device manager online and locked the phone and ever since they never came online with th phone. i only need help to know the location of my phone so i know what to do next. the phone is a tecno w3 but i fear it may have been hacked through by now and sold off. i wanna know if it could be tracked by imei.
Your Service Provider might be able to tell you where the phone was when it was last used. It wouldn;t have needed to be hacked - a factory reset would have deleted all your personal data.