I want a powerful laptop


Jan 8, 2012
Hi there! I want to get a new laptop and i am planning to put a generous budget to buy it. I have some minimal requirements that i will state,and since there isn't any decent advanced search tool for laptops i wanted to get help from you.I am trying to give a description and i hope to get useful answers. Thanks

CPU: It must have as minimum a quad core i7 3rd gen ivy bridge
HDD: The SATA HDD must be 7200 rpm. I would like actually to have 20-30 Mb of SSD memory just for the system and 1 Tb for files. The minimum requirement is 1 Tb 7200 rpm.
Graphics: Not as much important because i don't think there is a i7 laptop out there who hasn't a killer graphic card. Anyway i would like it non hybrid (so no Intel card bundled) and 2Gb dedicated.
Screen: From 15" to 17"
RAM: 8 would be ok ,cuz i can upgrade it anyway..

just to get an idea i would love it to be as beautiful as hp enve spectre xt

Looking forward to get some responses. Thanks!


Oct 5, 2009

There are plenty of i7's that don't have killer graphics cards. ALL of them, whether you want them or not, come with Intel integrated graphics. It's part of the CPU, and Intel doesn't make CPUs without integrated graphics anymore. Not for laptops, anyway.

Here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152355