I want to find a sound card with analog output higher grade than Xonar Essence STX, pls advise.


Jun 15, 2013
I am now using Asus Xonar Essence STX. I want to find a sound card which is higher grade than my current Xonar STX. I just using the RCA analog output to my amp and my Hi-Fi Speaker. Of course, I just for music (esp classical one) and not for gaming. No matter the price. Would anyone advise me? Thank you in advance.
Check out the ESI Juli@. Has RCA and TRS outputs. This board is used in many audio servers so it will do a great job for you. Should run you $150
Another option is to bypass the board completely and use a USB DAC such as the M2Tech HiFace DAC ($299). This will bypass the audio board completely.
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