Solved! I'm looking for good PC speakers but can't decide on any


Feb 17, 2016
I've been using my Ultimate Ears Blast as my main speaker for my PC but it's bluetooth only so I semi-frequently have to deal with annoying connection issues and such and when I want to use it for something else it's just a bit of hassle to disconnect it and blah blah. So I'm looking for some dedicated PC speakers. I've heard great things about the Logitech G560s and the lighting would be really cool but not sure if I'd have room for a subwoofer and also heard some not so great things, with that bit of doubt I'm hesitant about spending that much money. I've also heard the Creative Pebbles V2 are quite good for their price and I'd feel a lot more comfortable spending that much but I have also heard some bad things about them that would be quite annoying, price aside, I don't really want the hassle of having to return anything. I'm not really an audiophile, I just want some nice clear, discrete speakers that I can fit on my desk and have the potential to be loud if I want them too. Wired ofc because I cba dealing with more bluetooth things but an added bluetooth function in addition to wired would be cool. RGB would be a bonus but not necesarry. Preferably no subwoofer. I think thats about it, my budget is just over 200 at max if theyre some amazing perfect speakers and that but i would ideally like to spend under 50.
I also like the JBL 104 models but their price has gone up a lot, I bought mine for under 100, they are at 130 now. I picked them over Swan/Edifier as much for the size and design as for the sound quality, they are a bit more compact than most bookshelf or monitor speakers, and I like the front volume/aux and headphone jacks.

My parents bought two Edifier speakers on my recommendation and I like them both, the 1280DBs model is a good one for price and the options it has. My father is running it to his laptop using bluetooth and it sounded great.
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