In the market for a new laptop - please help!

Oct 8, 2018
Question of the day. I am in the market for a new laptop. Which one do you recommend? I do NOT stream movies, nor music. I do NOT play games (not even Solitaire). I do use it with: Facebook, my website & blog (along with the ones for the business), Microsoft Office, Ancestry / genealogy, Quickbooks, TONS of pictures, and such. The one I am using is my 4th laptop. Before, I have simply made the purchase based on what was available when I walked into the store. This time? I would like to pay for what I am going to use, have enough RAM & GB to do what I need/want to do, but not have to pay for the features that I will never in a gajillion years use. Fingers crossed that there is a laptop guru lurking around


Plenty, but what you describe is pretty much any laptop.

What features do you think you will want?

1) Size of laptop
2) Preferred screen resolution
3) Touchscreen? Stylus?
4) Tablet mode?
5) Portability (weight, tablet mode, detachable keyboard?)
6) Battery life?
7) Color?
8) Keyboard type? Chiclet or not basically

Oh, and the number one question, how much do you want to spend?

Memory these days. 8GB is enough for most uses. 16GB if you like to leave lots of things open. Can't go wrong with an SSD for a good desktop experience.

Any late model CPU that is going to be able to do the things you described. Either an Intel with integrated graphics, or an AMD computer with an APU or discrete graphics card would also be fine.


Dell is having a Columbus Day sale with some coupon codes:

Extra 13% off select OptiPlex Desktops w/ "13optibw9"
Extra 14% off select Latitude 3000 Laptops w/ "143latbw9"
Extra 15% off select Latitude 5000 & 7000 Laptops w/ "1557bw9"
Extra 13% off select PowerEdge Servers w/ "13powerbw9"
Extra 12% off Precision Mobile Laptops w/ "12precbw9"
Extra 15% off Precision Fixed Workstation Desktops w/ "15precbw9"
Extra 15% off Refurbished Monitors w/ "15monbw9"
Extra 13% off Chromebook Laptops w/ "13chromebw9"

So the Inspiron 15” 5000 (5579) 2-in-1 is very late model laptop with nearly all the features listed above.

Inspiron 13” 5000 (5379) 2-in-1 basically the same thing with Windows Pro.

No SSD: Inspiron 15” 3000 (3567)

If those are too much we can look at used laptops on newegg and amazon. After that, whatever is available at your local store. I would recommend anything with an Intel i5 and at least 8GB of RAM. Most computers will have at least a 1TB hard drive these days.

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