in the market for a new tv need help


Oct 16, 2012
1. Budget
800$ is the max i would like to go unless there is a T.V for a few dollars more that would be a huge jump in performance (looking for something 4k)

2. Seating distance
5 Ft

3. Size/placement limitations
I would like it to be in the 49-50'' range my tv stand will only hold up to a 55'' but i don't want to go that large unless necessary

4. Uses and sources
Mainly for gaming (PS4, Xbone). I do have a gaming PC which i plan on upgrading the GPU soon. and streaming (netflix, hulu, amazon) we do not have cable/satellite TV at all.

5. Room lighting
it will be in a basement so there is little natural sunlight if any. there is one recessed light in the middle of the loveseat and tv however it is on a dimmer so i can control it.

Just as a few side notes
I bought the Sony Bravia 49x800c which i am very skeptical about being as neither best buy nor sony have any information on this model. However i have 15 days to return it in case i did not like it or it turns out to be junk.

I also had the Vizio 50" D-series 4k which I returned only because best but told me the sony would run circles around the Vizio but at the end of the day they are sales man and will say anything to get you to buy.

last but not least my other TV is a samsung 50" plasma (not sure of the exact model) but my eyes have become adjusted to that and i'm having a tough time adjusting to the motion blur from LED's

I'm looking forward to your opinions and thanks for any replies in advance