Insignia no program information


Dec 13, 2012
I have a 50" plasma that is only connected to a passive antenna (no cable). It blew a cap and a fuse. Now that it is fixed it won't display program information. I changed the clock to automatic and it detected the correct time. When I bring up the info box it shows the channel number, call letters, time, language, etc., but "No Program Information".

I've tried rescanning (EZ Scan) the channels. My other TV's show program information whether they are digital-ready or have converter boxes. This TV seems to be getting better reception (more channels) than my other TV's. I've contacted Insignia, but they say ask a repairman.

Would yanking the power, while the TV is on, reset it? There is also a factory reset option in the menu, but I figured that was for picture quality.


I have been watching Rev'nTV almost exclusively, but yesterday I decided to watch ION. I switched back to Rev'nTV and then back to ION and then decided to check the time. Lo and behold, "Criminal Minds" popped up instead of "No Program Information". I switched back to Rev'n, but still no info. I then tried other channels and one by one I was able to "coax" information for almost all of them.

Further experimentation revealed that I won't get information at first view. I have to switch to another station (not in the same group) and back again and then info will come for the entire group (say 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, etc.). Sometimes it will show the wrong information carried from the last channel viewed. To correct this I need to power off and back on, but then it will have forgotten all the other channels and I have to do the back and forth routine to get the info back. I've tried to let it sit on one channel for awhile, but that doesn't seem to work.

My favorite channel, Rev'nTV, is apparently not broadcasting info. I can't get that channel on all of my TV's, but when I do it doesn't give info even when all other channels do.

I didn't say before that this TV was not working at all when I acquired it and I was the one who fixed it so I don't know how it behaved for the previous owner.