Intel IDT Audio on DG965WH


Jun 29, 2009
This thing is killing me. I have an Intel DG965WH MB with IDT Audio. Not even sure where to start. The main problem is I can't get it to play 5.1. The Intel Audio Studio lets me selct 5.1, but then the speaker test app only shows 2 speakers, and only 2 speakers play sound. Sometimes the speaker test shows all 5 speakers, but it still only plays thrugh the LF& RF speakers. The frustrating part is sometimes it works but only on certain mediae players. I've messed with this on and off for way too long, usually just getting frustrated and trying again a month or two later. Every time the driver gets updated I get my hopes up, but I'm beginning to think i just need to get a new sound card and disable the on board audio. I feel like I'm missing something obvious at this point.

Using the 6 channel direct setting on Logitech z5500's, but the same thing happens with the SPDIF optical output.
Updated drivers just today from Intel (AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105_Legacy) which were dated April 09
Vista Ultimate 32 bit
Intel DG965WH MB
3GB memory
Galaxy nVidia GeForce 9600GT


Yes, this problem is also killing me. I used analog cables and plugs by connecting them to rear jacks for speakers to appear in IDTs speaker manager. Thing is IDT automatically selects configuration dependig on what analog connectors are plugged-in. They does not have be the real speakers. Pluging in the bear plugs is just fine.
I tryed to find information of how the speakers to make appear in Speaker Manager when S\PDIF is connected and no analog. But its is difficult even to find words to define search for Google.
I found this thread by searching the phrase "idt spdif speaker test".
I have DG45FC mobo. I have now connected 4 speakers.
And by the way, I hear low noise like echo in reare speakers. Only BackL and BackR and no Center - just like I have configured in Ac3 filter and ffdshow audio decoder configuration. Receivers test tones in rear speakers are hearable loud and clear.

Now, I found two plugs to put in front and rear panels and 4 speakers appear in IDT Audio Control Panel (Speaker Manager). The Jack Configuration is set to Quadraphonic. When I click on rear speakers there is no sound. When I click on front speakers the sound is loud and clear in front speakers and bearly hearable in rear speakers. I don't know what it means. How the sound is channeled through devices... ? The receiver I have is 7.1 Kenwood.


Oct 25, 2011
I have a different problem with my intel DG965WH and 5.1 Kenwood receiver -- I can't get it to accept a 5.1 speaker setup.

I'm using an optical fibre cable to connect the S/PDIF output from the motherboard to my dolby dts amplifier.
I also have the AC'97 front panel audio connectors plugged into the motherboard.

The old Sigmatel driver that came on the installation CD could be configured using Intel Audio Studio.
It produced good surround sound.

My system case front panel connectors are AC'97 however, so microphone from the front panel connector were not supported by the old Sigmatel driver.

The new IDT driver supports the AC'97 front panel, but now I can't get 5.1 sound from the S/PDIF output! It always switches to 7.1 speakers!
My Kenwood receiver detects it as "Pro-Logic" instead of "dts".

How can I have both headphone/mic (front panel) and dolby 5.1 (S/PDIF) with the same driver?

How do I get IDT to set the speaker setting to 5.1?