Ipad 4 or Nexus 10, or wait possibly til Ipad 5? Need some serious pros and cons


Mar 26, 2009
Really struggling with what to buy, heres my sitch...I have a note 2. Love it...love android on it, but I can do a good bit with my note 2 as is.

I also enjoy apple products as ive had an iphone before etc...so I have no bias really to either or. I just want whatever is going to give me the best overall tablet experience etc...

I was ready at numerous times to pull the trigger, one day im just ready to but the nexus 10...but I hold, then like yesterday I was ready to just go buy an ipad 4, cant seem to figure out which to go with.

I wont really be watching movies on them, unless I go on a vacation and that's a big maybe. And I will try games on whichever one I get, but I game so much on the pc, handhelds and consoles that gaming isn't like a TOP priority for me with my tablet, but I do love rpgs and I will always be trying various rpg game apps.

Which do I buy? Anyone go from one to the other and love their choice? Or anyone recently in similar situation?


Apr 5, 2012
Hey man! iPads are really good tablets, but i'm an Android fan myself.

it is Rumored that the second version of the Nexus 10 will be coming out. That, and the new ASUS Transformer TF701 tha is coming out sometime too will be your choices once the ipad 5 comes out. personally, i would go with the Nexus 10 2 or TF701, but you can't go wrong with all 3 of em!

Android tablets will have more freedom, iPad tablets will be powerful but closed.