Ipod Touch vs. Sony PSP

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Ipod Touch vs. PSP

  • Ipod Touch

    Votes: 17 53.1%
  • Sony PSP

    Votes: 15 46.9%

  • Total voters


well..i have both the psp and the ipod touch...basically i am putting it down to the features...

games):psp anyday...ipod touch is no match for psp..plus the online multi option in psp owns touch anyday hands down..
movies and videos):psp has a bigger screen and has a capability of putting out amazing resolutions..i get shocked even now looking at the quality of the videos it puts out..touch is not bad at all either..its just the bigger screen dat helps me choose a psp anyday..
music):no match for the touch..psp lets down music freakos...touch owns psp in this department..
internet):well..u cant match the safari browser in the touch wid the psp web browser..touch is far better a browsing device than psp

this is just my observations of using them both..i personally like both of dem..but if i had to choose??i would choose a psp if only am an avid gamer...but if gaming was not ma top priority??i wud choose a touch because of its other capabilities other than gaming...


ok defiantly get ipod touch
the new 3rd gen has got really good gaming

assassins creed altIR CRONICLES
ace combat
tom clancys hawx
nfs undecover
nfs shift
pdf reader
excel, word and powerpoint editing
waaaaaaaaaay longer battery trust me at least 30%

also it has FREE minigames such as solitare, and tap tap 3(just like guitar hero)



Sep 10, 2010
what gives better music and video experience
Ipod or PSP
I'm not interesting in plying games any more
plz any body give me ur opinion
I want to buy one of this tomorrow.


I think that both are essentially the same, with some minor differences.
-They can both have free videos.
-Are fully customized
*PSP;firmware hack
-Play free games, (itouch;installous, PSP;online sources)
-Play the same format movies
-Play the same music(PSP can play WMA, while itouch cannot.)
-Essential internet speed, it just depends on your router, and connection type.

Some of the differences are that a:
-PSPs cannot have playlists, but this has been fixed with the recent updates, having its own "Itunes" experience.
-Itouch cannot play more than one format, unlike the PSP, when hacked it can play any format. This has been fixed with the release of VLC.
-PSP cannot go on Youtube. This has been fixed with an app, just go google PSPTube, or anything like that.
-Itouch cannot play flash movies online. This has been fixed with the Skyfire browser, enabling flash in an Itouch.

PSP-What this is, is that it is for hardcore gamers, evident when you cannot play games while listening to music(can also be remedied with a plugin), but it has a much more intense, widespread collection of games. These pack so much into those little discs, that they had to do data install. It has a wider selection of games, but it is mainly for hardcore gaming. It also has impressive multiplayer, while lacking the world-wide multiplaying as well as local as the DS. It is for those who are constantly into gaming, but also have some multimedia in their life. The sound and video qualities are superb, on par with an Itouch, while lacking in portability, it definitely makes up for in quality. The PSP, is also quite easy on the PC or Mac as well, all you need to do is drag and drop files over, and to access the innards, you just need to change the some settings. On the internet, it does not fare so well as the Itouch. It has a sub-par keyboard, that is bulky and stupid. There is no external keyboard, or any peripherals. There are very few custom-made sites for it, including popular sites such as Facebook, or Twitter. It uses the average mobile site. There have also been no updates for the hacked firmware. The most prominent hacker, Dark Alex, has stopped for a while now and has shown no sing of returning into play. All in all, this is a device for gaming and some multimedia added in, while it does have a large screen, and external buttons, it is also bulky and sometimes fits awkwardly into your pants/shorts.

Itouch is much more sleeker and slim, but there is very little you can actually do with it after jailbreaking it. Unlike the PSP, where all you need to enhance performance are some good plugins, you havee to manually search for the installous app, and download cydia yourself. Though this is complicated, there are massive amounts of apps that are available to you once configured. There is literally almost an app to everything. The interface for music is much sleeker, and more intuitive, as well as the movie interface. There is much customization possible, unlocked by the touchscreen. The typing interface is wonderful, as well as the autocorrect. But to customize, it is much harder than a PSP, you have to go trhough SSHing everything, and have to have constant wifi. But the results do look very good. I think that the Itouch is more for those on the go, constantly flitting from place to place, with wifi, it is much moreslimmer and portable than a PSP.

In the end, it depends on the type of person you are. If you are more of a on-the-go person, the Itouch is for you. It has a great selection of games, that you can spend time on, as well as listening to music. If you are a more local person, staying close to home, and not moving much, I advise a PSP, it has the same capabilities as an Itouch, but has a much more extensive collection of hardcore games, as well as great local online playability.


Nov 21, 2010
My psp joystick is worn out and i am debating wether to get an i pod touch, or get another psp :sol: Please help me out thanks! I am a guy fyi



Mar 8, 2011
its both good for gaming! the controls are just the difference, if u wnt 2 play motion gaming get the itouch, but if u r comfortble to psp controls get pspgo!
the game graphics are just the same quality!
for me itouch is best for racing games w/ the motion sensor!
and pspgo is best for playing fighting games like tekken or DOA!


Apr 25, 2011
I also have both of them , and I have to say the new Ipod Touch 4th gen is really amazing. The only thing psp beats are the magic finger games like TEKKEN - because of the mechanical buttons. BUT , we all have laptops , desktops , PS3 to play at home. So first priority is mobility and lots of options. Which leads to Ipod - It has great browser, so many chat programs , FaceTime option from which you can call with video some friend with Iphone/Ipod , Skype, ICQ , Viber . Also I no one mentioned that games for PSP ave SO epensive. Usually newer ones are about 60 EUR! . For total of 60 Eur I can buy a lot of stuf in AppStore , most of the games are about 1 Eur and expensive ones are 3-4 Eur. The music player of Ipod is better organized. And finnaly Ipod is really mobile device to put in your pocket. You dont have to carry a lot of mini-disks to play.

PSP is very good game console , but Ipod is much more greater device with more and better options.


Apr 14, 2011
I am using an iPod and it has superb sound quality. Listening with headphones is perfect for escaping, but there are always times when you want to get more from your iPod – sharing your music at a party, for example. The i80, connected to the M80, offers the perfect solution for listening to and sharing your digital music collection and helps your music sound its best.


Jul 13, 2006
I'm not going to read the entire thread but I wanted to say that for music, the IPOD touch is great. For quick games, the ipod touch is also great. For battery life, again, the ipod touch. Unless you want to play serious games on a serious platform, this is a non-contender.



Jun 30, 2011

Yes you can the adapters are rather cheap and they support up to 16Gb, I'm using 4Gb ant havn't tried more but they told me you can.
Hope this helps
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