Solved! Is HDR for console gaming worth it?


Aug 29, 2015
Hello all. So I have an Xbox One X and a PS4 Pro and I’m trying to determine which tv would be best to play it on. I know this comes down to player preference but I also want to get the most out of my consoles and TVs. So currently I have the following TVs:

55” Sony: XBR55X700D

43” Samsung: UN43KU7500FXZA

65” LG: 65UB9500UA

So the Samsung and the Sony both have HDR and the LG does not. Now on paper, google has the Samsung with the best image/picture and this is what I currently have my Xbox one x hooked up to. Now the picture is amazing, well amazing on all three, but IMO the LG has the best picture quality almost by quite a leap. However, it’s the only TV without HDR but again, to me, it has the best colors and clarity and overall picture quality. Anyone have a similar experience? Meaning HDR isn’t always the best? I’m at a loss of understanding how this works and what tv I should ultimately have my consoles hooked up to. Everything I read says HDR is a huge image enhancement more so than 4K but In my experience I’m not finding that to be true.

Side note: I tend to lean towards smaller TVs because I get wrecked in games like call of duty and battlefield on larger TVs. I cannot do well on big screens. The smaller the screen the better my outcomes are, not sure why. But games like Red Dead 2 are so much better on big screens! I’m more of a picture quality snob than I am at winning at video games. If I lose, I lose, but at least I can see my demise in all of its crystal clear glory.
For a TV to produce the advantage of HDR your console and game both have to support HDR. The TV won't turn on HDR unless it detects HDR data from the source.
HDR TVs don't all support it as well and none support the specifications completely. The tech to do that is in the lab and not for sale yet. Many TVs completely screw up the settings in the TV to get the added brightness needed and if the backlights aren't done right you get halos around bright objects. HDR is mainly for movies so I don't know if it make as much of a difference for gaming.
This is the most accurate HDR monitor
Will set you back about $18K.
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