Is Icloud useless

Sep 12, 2018
If you backup your Iphone to Icloud and you lose your phone or do not have access to the screen, you cannot download the information stored in Icloud. To access the information in your backup file or even download contacts you must hit Trusted on the screen.
Senior advisor at Applecare told me the above plus the web seems to agree.

Kafkaesque! You have the information but if you need it, you can't access it.
Is this true?


Not sure what you are asking, to restore the iCloud backup you need to have the device to restore it back onto. If you want to make a backup to access the files in another way you should use a different type of backup. There are tools you can use to get to your iCloud backups also if you don't have the device but it's not as easy as simply restoring it to another phone. and a few others similar to those.


I assume you are referring to two factor authentication. In a scenario where you only have one Apple device and that device is lost or broken. Leaving you with no trusted devices. As long as you keep your trusted phone number up to date. Apple can send you a verification text to your trusted number on your replacement phone.

If you don't want two factor. Don't enable it. Then you can use security questions and email verification.

In a worst case scenario. You can contact Apple and request account recovery. As long as you can answer all the info for your account. Apple can restore access for you.