Solved! Is it a good idea to keep Huawei matebook plugged-in when it is fully charged??

Feb 10, 2021
Dear All,
I have a question regarding my new laptop and I would be grateful if you can answer it. I have bought a Huawei matebook x pro 2020 and I need to use it around 12 hours per day (home office). I have heard that the new lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries have a limited number of charging cycles and so, it is better to keep the laptop plugged-in when it is charged to prolong the battery life. In matebook laptops there is a good option for battery protection that stops battery charging when reaching a maximum level. But my problem is that when I keep the laptop plugged-in, it gets very hot and the fan works frequently and loudly, even when the laptop is idle. So, what is your suggestion? Which one is better: to keep my laptop plugged-in and do not care if it gets hot or to charge it up to a certain level and then unplug my laptop and continue working on battery?
Thanks in advance for your answers,
Best, Majid
The system CPU is running on higher speeds when the laptop is connected which is where the extra heat and fan noise is coming from.

If you don't care about losing speed when on battery (on stock settings that is) unplug it.