Is it possible to connect 10 speakers to computer and have 10 channels?

Feb 26, 2018
Hello guys, i have been thinking about it for long and i got to conclusion that i want to have absolute control over space when making sound and 10 speakers is the minimum i need for what i have in mind. Is it possible to connect 10 speakers to computer and have 10 channels? I am a technical layman in this issue, so i want to also ask if its really possible, then what exactly do i need to achieve it? To be more precise, i want to control what sound will come out from what speaker and also control from what speaker to what speaker the sound will make a gradient.

Thank you, i hope you will help me.


Nov 2, 2015
It can be done.

You will need an audio interface with at least 10 individual outputs, and a Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton Live, ProTools etc.).

Couple of thousand dollars, plus the speakers.

If in the US, contact someplace like Guitar Center or Sweetwater and they should be able to help.



Thanks. $$$ can do anything.
Feb 26, 2018

I live in europe, i will go to the shop that has to do anything with this and ask them

yes i understood this before posting, sorry i was probably not clear in expressing myself
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