Is it possible to run Windows 7 on a laptop which currently supports only Windows 10


Jun 25, 2016
I own an Acer Aspire E5-574G laptop with 4 GB DDR3 RAM clocking at 1600 Mhz and Intel Core I5-6200U Sixth generation quad core processor, which comes with a factory OS version Windows 10 Home on EFI platform. While still in warranty it once ran into OS problems so called the company support team and they restored the OS. Once out of warranty, again OS corrupted so this time I tried to install the OS myself. Being an certified Hardware professional, I understand EFI partitioning is best than its contemporary one, but I don't have an EFI supported OS. Also I want to step down to Windows 7 instead of Windows 10, as sometimes the system gets slow due to insufficient RAM of 4 GB for Windows 10 with Internet Security and antivirus software running on the machine.

So I first removed the EFI partition by connecting the hard drive to a different system and partitioned it to MBR system, then reconnected it to the system, went into BIOS changed the settings to non-EFI system and formatted it for NTFS and proceeded to install Windows 7. The installation was successful, and after this installation, the system was asking for drivers. I had previously downloaded the drivers for this machine, all of which were supported only for Windows 10, but all of them installed successfully on Windows 7. The problem was after successful installation also many devices on the machine lost their functionality due to driver incompatibility. Device manager showed more yellow colored notices for many devices than functional devices. Acer does not provide Windows 7 drivers for this model.

So this post is all about asking whether I can run Windows 7 with no problems of device driver failures on other issues in a non-EFI mode as I don't want to upgrade RAM from its current capacity or is there any way I can make my system respond faster with the current RAM of 4 GB and run Windows 10. For your information, I have rolled back to Windows 10 as there was multiple drivers incompatibility issues. I need to use an Anti-virus software with internet security feature and currently I am running Norton Internet security to securely connect to my work place and I know and understand that it can even slow down my PC even further.

Awaiting suggestions...


Mar 17, 2017
It is possible, as i have done it with a windows 8 (not 8.1) laptop reverting back to vista, provided there are drivers in which case skylake was that last series of intel cpu's to support w7. Although you probably will not be able to use EFI and will have to stick with legacy, also have you considered 32-bit windows 10? It uses less resources but also really only limits you to 3.5GB of ram
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