Is it worth buying a powerful Mac Pro from 2011 in 2018?

Feb 23, 2018
Due to my music production job, I'm on the need of buying a Mac Pro with 16 GB RAM, but my budget right now is somehow limited.
I saw an ad of a MacBook Pro 15" + 256 SSD + 500 Gb 7200rpm + 16GB Ram
The computer is from 2011 and it's priced in 900€ ($1.106 USD).
Do you guys think the price is ok?
But specially, is it worth to buy a 2011 product in 2018? Do you think I could have problems later on?
Thanks in advance!
Feb 23, 2018
thanks a lot for your answer!
It wouldnt be for gaming though, hehe, only for music production (ableton live/logic pro) + its plugins.
I really need at least 16 GB RAM (that's basically my issue), since I've found affordable models from 2015 for example, but all of them are mainly 4GB . It has been difficult to find a model with 16 GB RAM at an affordable price for me right now...
Then I found this one from 2011, but being right now in 2018 I don't know if it's "too old" that could lead me to problems later on, in its functioning, efficiency , or updating, etc
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Jun 6, 2018
Hey Zamarrip $1000 is so expensive for that one.

I'm actually using / selling the same late 2011 MBP 13 inches and I use it for Logic Pro X for hardcore music production. Why do I sell it? Because I need a newer from 2017 with a powerful graphic card since Im also a videographer.

This old/tuned MBP has never given me any problems though.

The specs are:

-i5 2.4GHZ (Turbo boost 3.0ghz)
-RAM - 16GB 1333ghz Kingston
-2 SSD drives SAMSUNG VNAND of 120GB each. (240GB) specially for music and storage for VSTs and -Loops separated so Logic Pro X works efficiently on the primary disk without big loads.
-Intel HD graphics 3000

-New keyboard replaced 1 month ago
-New Magsafe charger with warranty
-New thermal paste since 1 month ago

I live in Moscow and I sell it for 600 EUR. Which is a correct price for an old want but fully upgraded to the top.

if you are interested on it, I can send videos, skype call, photos, anything you need, even show you videos of Logic Pro's performance on it.

my email - [don't post your email address on the forum]
I'll be glad to help